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Numerous Australian brands and companies are exploring eco-sustainable models for potential benefits. Whether it's improving e-commerce sales through better photography and online presence or creating brand identity and packaging, we're here to help you move your business forward.

Throughout history, branding has been a common practice used for various reasons. Even in ancient times like the Egyptians, they used to brand their cows to tell them apart from others in case of theft. Similarly, the Romans regularly put inscriptions on wine and food containers they shipped overseas to show where they came from, who made them, and their quality.
Back then, they didn't use the same words we use now, but all these actions are kind of like branding.
As time went on, branding evolved and became important for managing and creating businesses.

What's a Brand?

A brand consists of either an individual or a group of people who offer goods or services to others. They are driven by specific values or goals.

— Marc Scott, Executive Officer

So, a brand isn't just a name, symbol, or logo. It's a special collection of values and actions that a group of people share, and it helps tell one thing or service apart from others.

How does Branding work?

It's like introducing yourself to others, sharing your story, your values, and what you believe in, even before you tell them what you're offering. You do it in a way that's unique to you and sets you apart from everyone else.
In the past, having a good product, a logo, and showing your quality to customers used to be enough. But today, that's not sufficient. It's really important to have a strong brand that stands out from the rest.
So, branding means shaping your company's identity by building the important foundations of your business. This includes how you talk to your customers. It could be about the positive impact of your eco-friendly brand today or about launching a new product or service.

Brand Strategy and Resource Management

Creating a brand and reaching your profit goals involves knowing a lot about different areas. It's not just about sales; it's also about being smart with money, managing materials, and making the most of your most valuable resource: time. Together, we're going to start a journey to build, grow, and keep up your brand.
We'll design a custom marketing plan that can change and improve over time, so you stay strong in the market.

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Cause and Benefits: What You Gain

Well, choosing to do sustainable marketing has more benefits than you might think.

As you work on your brand, you'll discover things that usually go unnoticed. Creating a brand isn't just about making your company look good; it's also about helping it stand out in the market. But most importantly, it's about growing your company and helping your customers too. You'll both be excited to learn and get better, which means you'll spot new opportunities. Having a clear view of your business, what it values, and effectively sharing those values will give you stability that's way more important than just making quick money.

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Process: How We Work and Work Ethically.

To figure out the best plan and truly understand what your company needs, we start by looking closely at some basic things like:
• Who you are, the image you've created, and what people think about your brand.
• Your story and your company's story.
• Studying your customers (the people you want to reach).
• Checking out other companies in your field (your competition).

To understand all this better, it essential to have a first meeting with you.

As you know, we mostly work from home, around 98% of the time. So, the easiest mode is to book an online meeting.
And don't worry, this online meeting won't cost you anything, and you don't need to make any commitments.

If you'd rather meet us in person and go through these points face-to-face, you can do that byscheduling a consultation.
We use Creative Cubes as a place to meet. It's a shared creative space available in five different spots around Melbourne (Carlton, Collingwood, Hawthorn, Richmond, and South Yarra). And here's a cool thing: for every in-person meeting, we're planting a tree!

This way of meeting helps us, as a Sustainable Studio, reduce extra travel and transportation. That keeps costs down and lets us stay close to your project when it's important, so the quality of what we do won't be affected.

Once established what your company needs to get better, we'll give you a list of ideas to consider.
You could choose to work on these by yourself or get our help.
And Once you've decided on the path you want to take, we can assist with things that really shape your brand, like:

Designing and conveying the message isn't just about looking nice; most importantly, it's about being effective.

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Since we know very well that one of the biggest problems the world faces every day is the disposal of single-use packaging of our products,
it is therefore our duty, as well as that of every company, to stay up to break this loop. We will work together to develop new ideas for sustainable packaging.

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Advertising is all about getting your message out there, telling people who you are and what you do. It's something you can't put on the back burner. Advertising is part of a smart plan that, along with monitoring and testing phase, allow you understand the progress of different campaigns.

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This means scheduling all the activities (tactics and strategies) that helps your brand talk to the right people effectively.

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    "Beauty" is about ideas, specifically about carrying out good ideas.

    — -MiÅ¡kin in Dostoevsky’s “Idiot”

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